About The Artist, Andrea Dagmar-Swenson Brown

Andrea Dagmar-Swenson Brown

Andrea Dagmar-Swenson Brown is an accomplished artist in two-, three-, and four-dimensional media.

She has created a body of work in two-dimensional acrylic painting that express her imagination, humor, and wit through her unique impressionist/primitive style emphasizing color and movement. They may be Naïve, impressionist or a combination of both styles. Her technique ranges from a light touch to impasto, playing with light, color, and motion in subjects ranging from abstractions to portraits to landscapes.

In Summer 2012, she had a brief residency at the Corcoran Gallery of Art through Habitat For Artists. Here in Washington, DC, she spent a week painting each day, all day long, morning to night, on the grounds of the Corcoran Gallery in her temporary habitat. She interacted with her city environment, including the weather, the tourists, the traffic, and the natural and man-made artifacts as she stood across the street from the White House. For this project, she stated, “I will be preparing the materials and creating small acrylic paintings that are responsive to my state of mind as I dwell in, and interact with, my new environment. The style of my paintings may be landscapes, portraits, or abstractions but always are filled with color and draw in the observer through my personal window via my works' Naïve and impressionist style.” You can see which ones she created by reading the captions in this group of paintigs. Included here are many of her other works as well.

More info at these links:
Photos of Dagmar at the Corcoran Habitat, Summer 2012

She belongs to the Art-o-mat™ collective, a group of artists whose goal is to create accessible art distributed in refurbished vintage cigarette vending machines in museums, hotels, cafés and other venues around the world. These original acrylic miniature paintings have sold from the Caines Festival in Australia to the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery (Luce Wing) in Washington, DC--see “ Art-o-mat” for a more complete list.

In addition to her acrylic paintings, her two-dimensional work includes illustrations, drawings, and photography, some of which has been published in magazines, books, newspapers, and as CD cover art. Below are links to some of her other artwork:

Comics-pen & ink
Burlesque Project
Illustrations-graphic and pen & ink samples

Her three-dimensional media includes jewelry design and music videos. Her jewelry ranges from intricate chain maille weaves to custom-colored and fired clay beads, plus glass, gemstone, and woven bead work. Her music video productions are award winning and have been aired as far away as McMurdo Station in the Antarctic.

Jewelry Designs
Video Links:
Video Awards
Band Videos

Her four-dimensional work is expressed via her performances with roots-rock band, Dagmar and The Seductones, where she is band leader, writer, and lead singer,

Live Music Videos

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ADB with drawing Photo of the artist, age 11½, standing next to her Conté crayon drawing.
As a student at the Corcoran School of Art, her drawing was selected to
tour the world in a Corcoran School of Art traveling children's art exhibition.

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