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Faces - Series I, II, III
Original Acrylic Paintings (“Faces - Series I, II, III”) are hand-sanded, hand-laquered and affixed to wood blocks

by Andrea Dagmar-Swenson Brown

Find them In Art-o-mat vending machines around the world,
(depending on availability), including these locations:

• Smithsonian's American Art Museum, Portrait Gallery, Luce Wing, Washington DC
• Cairns Festival, Australia
• Crocker Museum, Sacramento, CA
• Rayko Gallery, San Francisco, CA
• Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, NV
• The Radio Room, Portland, OR
• Faces of the Earth, Northampton, MA
• Venue Ballard, Seattle, WA
• Reform School, Los Angeles, CA
• Shop at the Cultural Center, Chicago; IL
• Art-o-cartons, Cosmo Cultural Center, IL
Collect them all!

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