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EVENT: PHOTOGRAPHS - “Stopped Light -- Moments in Time”

March 8, 2019 to March 31, 2019.

An exhibit of matted photographs by Dagmar Swenson, on display at the Greenbelt Arts Center (GAC).

Coincidentally, this one-woman show opens on the International Day of Women-2019.

Twenty-six photos in color and black & white are available for viewing and purchase in the foyer of GAC.

--“Greenbelt News” review, excerpt by Malca Giblin (p.13):

“When audiences enter GAC they first will see photographs by artist Dagmar Swenson. She has chosen photographs that range from pretty to gritty, landscape to portrait and is not afraid to jar the viewer's sensibilities.

“This show is a facet of Dagmar's art with which you may not be familiar, but her photographic work has appeared in print internationally in such publications as the Christian Science Monitor (USA), American Music Magazine (Sweden), JETRO (Japan), the Capitol Hill Rag (DC) and more.

“The exhibit is in concert with the Pulitzer Prize winning play, 'Disgraced.'”

At The Exhibit

EVENT: PRINTS - “Faces of Life”

April 21 to May 13, 2017

Prints that stare back at you!

On display at the Greenbelt Arts Center - wildly colorful and imaginative prints. Matted.
Then at 8:00PM attend the play. “Tribute” in the adjoining theater.

Faces of Life


February 2016

Dagmar illustrated a brief tale, “Arthur the Rat,” for the National Museum of Languages. Her illustrations were then colorized and published online:

Arthur the Rat

The arm of the Museum, Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE), field-recorded readings of this short story to show the variations in American English. Scroll down to see and hear.


July 30, 2012 to August 4, 2012

Dagmar, outside at the Corcoran

Outside, at the Corcoran, for the Habitat for Artists in conjunction with the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

Artist Dagmar Swenson (Andrea Dagmar-Swenson Brown) paints and observes how art and environment inspire and conspire to create and relate.
First photo is the view from her window, at the corner by the west side of the White House and the Old Executive Office Building.

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